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Just about everything tastes better with bacon. There's nothing else like the crispy salty goodness bacon provides. I occasionally indulge in a nice weekend plate of bacon and eggs, but  I mostly use bacon as an accent. It adds a pop of salty flavor to my healthy homemade fare. This easy oven-fried bacon recipe makes it a snap.

Cooking bacon on the stovetop can get messy with all that spattering grease. It also requires your constant attention to turn each bacon strip at just the right time. Eliminate the mess and save yourself 40 minutes of babysitting bacon by making easy oven-fried bacon. I usually cook up a package while I'm meal prepping each week so I have some crispy bits in the fridge. They're fabulous sprinkled over a salad and they're a perfectly crispy and salty addition to a skillet of sauteed mushrooms or green beans. It's so easy, you'll switch to oven-fried bacon every time.

Easy Oven-Fried Bacon


1 Lb. Bacon, regular or thick sliced

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Cook the Bacon

Preheat the oven to 400 Degrees. Line a 12 x 15 baking sheet with foil to make clean up easy. We use the All-Clad 9000 D3 Ovenware 12x15 Inch Stainless Steel Jelly Roll Pan. It's durable and nontoxic. Gently separate each slice of bacon and place them on the lined baking sheet. A 1 lb. package of bacon typically fits on a baking sheet. Squeeze the slices up close to each other but avoid overlapping them. You don't need any oil in the pan, just the bacon. Place the bacon in the oven and bake for about 40 minutes. It'll take a few minutes longer if you're using thick-sliced bacon. Check for doneness regularly. Once the bacon gets rolling, it cooks pretty quickly. It can go from slightly undercooked to burnt to a crisp in a matter of seconds. For melt-in-your-mouth crispy bacon, let it cook until you see a little foam sizzling on the top of each slice. When you see this, remove the bacon from the oven and immediately move the slices from the pan to some paper towels to blot.

Enjoy some hot bacon right out of the oven and toss the rest in a zip-top bag in the fridge for use throughout the week. It's easy to crisp up in a toaster oven for a minute or two.

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