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What Does Fit Mean to You?

At Roxy Fit Club, fit means healthy living for realistic people

We focus on overall balance so we can enjoy a long and healthy life. We believe in working hard, fueling the body with real whole food, and engaging in pleasure and physical activities.

With a background in nutritional science and over 30 years of experience in fitness, we provide solid advice that works. You won't find extreme diets or magic elixirs here. Just thoroughly tested and researched information that makes healthy living easy.


Did you know you can transform your health by changing your diet? Eliminate processed foods and you can easily manage weight, cholesterol levels, and blood pressure for life. Real food is one of our specialties. We research, test, and create healthy and delicious recipes that are family and budget-friendly. We use only real whole foods in all of our recipes.


A background in nutritional science fuels our nutrition tips. We focus on real whole foods and eliminate processed foods. Our expert nutrition tips are designed to keep you on track in a real-world way. No fads or drastic measures. Just sensible nutrition tips for a lifetime of good health.


With over 30 years of experience in fitness, our team at Roxy Fit Club provides sensible fitness tips designed to help you incorporate wellness into your everyday life. We promote a lifetime of balanced fitness that allows you to be active no matter your current situation. We show you how to sneak fitness into your workspace and into your home.


Life is hectic. You need to actively wind down a bit every day in order to have balance. Do you have any hobbies? What do you do to relax? In our lifelong quest to find balance, we've come up with some excellent wellness solutions and we're sharing them with you.

Product Reviews

We share reviews and make suggestions on everyday items that really work. Why? To save you time and money. We've tried it, used it, been through it, to help you live your best life. Our product recommendations are based on thorough in-house testing and real-world use. Recommendations are based on the opinions of our reviewers, researchers, and editors for general informational purposes.

What does fit mean to you?