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Have you been working hard at losing a few pounds, only to find yourself languishing at 10-15 lbs over? It's time to take inventory and really examine what's going on.

7 Reasons You're Not Losing Weight

1. You're Bored

While eating has never cured boredom, most people think it does. Per my observations at the office, the first place people head is the refrigerator whenever they need a pick-me-up. There's a steady stream of people visiting the office refrigerator throughout the day. Many of them open the fridge, take a look around, close it, and wander off, only to return a half-hour later to see if anyone brought in any snacks. Next time you find yourself standing in front of the fridge and you don't know how you got there, ask yourself if an apple sounds good. If not, you're not hungry so shut the door and do something else like take a few laps around the building or drink a glass of water. Did you know that people often mistake thirst for hunger?

2. You're Not Weighing Your Food

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One of the greatest pillars of a fit lifestyle is food portioning. Any eating plan requires portion control and you need to keep yourself in check. You can diligently weigh your food for months and then fall into a familiar trap: Things are going great, you're so good at food portioning you think you can eye it. No need to weigh portions anymore. Minutes later your portions are out of control. Make it a habit to keep weighing your food even if you think you have a handle on things. You'd be surprised at how far off your estimations are especially when you're hungry. We have a couple of these digital food scales at the Club. We like this model in particular because you can rinse it under the faucet! It also weighs in grams and ounces.

3. You're Not Meal Prepping

Another one of the greatest pillars of a fit lifestyle is meal prepping. Get started with Roxy Fit Club's 5 Tips for Quick and Easy Meal Prep. Take a couple of hours once a week to prep some real whole foods to stash in the fridge for the upcoming week. Clear glass containers are recommended over plastic or stainless steel so you can see all that beautiful food you just prepped. We let you know the Best Containers for Meal Prep so you don't waste money on gadgets that don't work. Meal prepping is a fun activity that can be done with family members to help create valuable fit lifestyle habits.

4. You're Drinking Hidden Calories

I was having lunch recently with a friend who has always been into health and fitness. We were at the refrigerated display browsing for something to drink. I chose a bottle of water and she chose a sparkling juice drink. I suggested she exchange her juice drink for water and she was perplexed. "This is healthy," she said, "It's juice!" We reviewed the nutrition info which revealed 90 calories of pure sugar in a tiny 8.4 oz. serving. She didn't consider the calorie count or calorie source. She saw that it was juice and figured it was healthy. Pure, clean water is the optimal beverage. Add a large wedge of lemon and you're reducing inflammation throughout your body for zero calories. At the very least, review the nutrition facts on your beverage of choice. Make sure no hidden calories or other unexpected chemicals are lurking in there. We like Hint Fruit-infused water with 0 sugar, 0 sweeteners, and 0 calories. It comes in a variety of flavors and is available in still, sparkling and lightly-caffeinated. You get the fruit blast without all the sugar. Try it!

5. Your 90/10 Has Become 70/30

We stick to a 90/10 approach here at Roxy Fit Club. That is we eat real whole foods at least 90% of the time, leaving 10% for pleasure foods. When it comes to our 10%, we like to maximize value as much as the next person. Make sure your 90 hasn't become 70. Those pleasure foods tend to talk you into things when you're least aware. Take a realistic look at your eating. An extra slice of birthday cake at the office is easily forgotten. Keep yourself in check by employing the Roxy Fit Club Three Bite Rule. It really works.

6. You're Not Breaking a Sweat

I see it all the time at the gym: robotic people pedaling slowly on a stationary bike for their prescribed half hour while they text or look at social media. Sure, people are going to the gym but creeping along on the treadmill not even breaking a sweat doesn't count as working out. Neither does sitting on a weight bench for 15 minutes scrolling through email.

Maybe you're not a gym rat and prefer to workout at home or outdoors. That's great! The same comments apply. Don't convince yourself that you jogged a couple of miles when you really went for a leisurely jog/walk. Jog/walking is great, but get real about the amount of exercise you're doing. I see a lot of "joggers" on the track looking down at, you guessed it, their phone. Do yourself a favor and stash your phone somewhere safe while you work out. You don't need to check your heart rate on your fitness tracker every 30 seconds.

Make it a priority to be present and put in some real effort for the short time you've set aside for fitness. You need to break a sweat and breathe hard for at least a half-hour to make any difference.

7. You're Eating Too Much

Even if you're eating real, healthy food, it's easy to eat too much of it. Our minds lead us to think that more healthy food must mean more benefit. That's not the case. Portion sizes have grown to more than double what's recommended for a healthy meal. Keep in mind that a portion of protein is around 5 oz. It's hard to find anything less than an 8 oz. portion when dining out. You'll typically find a tiny portion of vegetables, or none at all when dining out as well. Take a look at your plate. Your protein should be less than the size of a deck of cards. Your veggies should cover half your plate. When dining at home, weigh your food to make sure you're not doubling up on servings. You don't need a second helping. Give yourself 15 minutes after you eat before you assess whether you're still hungry. Chew a piece of sugar-free, aspartame-free gum. This works.

These are some of the top reasons people aren't losing weight, even when they think they're giving it 100%. Do you recognize any of these? Get back on track with the Roxy Fit Club Real Food 30 Day Challenge. Change your diet, change your life!

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